13 Ways to Repurpose Ladders Around the House

Ladders are good to have if you're trying to reach something up high, but they can also be put to other, more creative uses. We've rounded up 13 examples, from pot storage to plant stands, of ways you can put ladders to work all over the house.

Above: Use a stepladder as an end table!

Use a ladder to display books, magazines, and objects d'art.

Use a ladder to organize accessories in the bedroom.

Use a ladder to store and display magazines.

Create an interesting light fixture by covering a ladder with string lights.

Use a ladder in the kitchen to hang pots and pans. (Just make sure it's clean first!)

Turn a ladder into a plant stand with this DIY from A Beautiful Mess.

Use a ladder to make a vertical garden with this DIY from Good Housekeeping.

Use an existing ladder to hang throw blankets, or create your own blanket ladder with this DIY from Magnolia Market.

Rodelee turned a stepladder into a rustic nightstand.

Use a ladder to hang the wardrobe of a very small person.

Short on closet space? Use this DIY from A Pair and a Spare to create a wardrobe from two ladders.

Or make a ladder shelf (suitable for holding shoes or whatever your heart desires) with this DIY, also from A Pair and a Spare.

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