13 Products That Are Unnecessary and Wasteful

When Kathryn spotted this strawberry huller last week, it got us searching for other questionable products and devices. Take a look at some of these designs.

Shown above the jump, from left to right:

1 Pizza Clippers

2 Desktop Watch Winder

3 Realrock Fake Rock Covers

4 Apple and Core Custom Fit Bowl

5 Tiddy Bear Comfort Strap

6 Luma Step N Shave

7 Park Smart Clean Park Garage Mat

8 The Pet's Observation Porthole

9 Motorized Ice Cream Cone

10 Avocado Slicer

11 Plastic Banana Guard

12 $3,000 DriIron Garment Dryer

13 Baby Wipes Warmer

If you think we're wrong on any of these products and you have one/use one/want one, give us your defense below.