#14 - Alicia's "Finished" Sewing Studio

#14 - Alicia's "Finished" Sewing Studio

Oct 16, 2006

Name: Alicia Paulson
Location: Portland
Type: My home is 4-bedroom house that I've owned with my hubby since 2000. It was built in 1927, but this room is an addition that was built by the previous owner, who was a painter. This is my sewing studio.

Why I use color:

Well, Portland is notoriously glum in the fall and winter. Almost every room of our house is painted in some shade of blue or green, and most of our accents are red, pink, and cream; the accessories are interchangeable between several rooms of the house, and we have a mix of vintage and modern stuff. We repaint our rooms every few years and even with enormous color changes, a mix of stuff still works in the same room, and that's important to me. I am capricious with color – I change it all the time. . .

. . .I don't test colors on the wall before I paint. I'm very lazy, but I also just go with my intuition. I pick the chip in the paint store and hope for the best. Most of the time it works out just fine, really. I always worry that if I put a bunch of testers on the wall I won't be able to choose between them anyway, somehow. . . I always follow the three F's when I'm painting: make it Fast, Fun, and most importantly FINISHED! To me, "finished" is the perfect color.

2 good color tips:

1. Imagine a "story" you are telling in your room – "the kitchen I would have if I lived in Paris and had my own rooftop herb garden." The story often tells you exactly what color the walls should be.

2. Don't cave in to peer pressure – people go insane when you tell them you want to paint your wood trim! I say, paint it how you want it. You live there. If my wood trim hadn't been painted, I would've painted it in a hot second, no guilt at all.

2 good color resources:

1. Magazines and blogs: If you're in choosing mode, look look look. Copy something you love.

2. Colors for your walls don't have to come from colors of other walls. The inside of a teacup provided the color for this room (the sewing studio). I'd had the teacup around forever and always loved it. I figured if I'd kept it around that long, I probably really did like the color.

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