#14 - Alyssa B's Twilight Lounge

Name: Alyssa B
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Size & Type: 453 sq ft 1 Bedroom (rental)

Favorite resource: Move out days!! You'd be amazed at what students will leave behind when forced to pare down their belongings to fit in their parents' cars. Target and Ikea are also great on my budget!

Pitch: As an engineering student, designer and dancer my place has to handle all my activities. Bookshelves in the hallway store my textbooks and class materials, the third closet I converted into a sewing/supply room, and the open floor plan of my living room provides ample room for dance practice and major design projects when I move the furniture against the walls.

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Pitch Cont'd: When I finally decide to relax with friends my 'guest room', the twin loft over my bed, is always ready for the emergency crash. The space may seem small to some, but it's just my size!

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Your favorite element: COLOR is my favorite element! I've grown tired of the white walls impressed upon me by residential living and landlords for the past 4 years. When I found this apartment and the landlord said I could paint I was ecstatic! I wanted an invigorating yet relaxing space, so I decided upon a twilight color scheme for the living room (hence friends call my place the twilight lounge). Then the engineer in me kicked in and I was off calculating paint color ratios for gradations, digging up my laser level to tape out the grid, and creating a digital representation of my feature wall.

The state of the bathroom walls when I moved in made me hesitant to paint them. So after finding a funky color patch shower curtain I put my thinking cap on. In the end I bought several packs of multicolor acetate dividers, cut them up, and attached them to the walls using spray adhesive. Continuing with this theme I use multicolor containers (from the dollar store) on an over-the-door shelving system to add much needed storage space.

As for the bedroom I wanted to play off my existing bedding. The pattern consists of tones of four colors: teal, blue, purple, and green. So each wall got a pale version of one of the colors. I left a 2" border around the edges of the walls unpainted. This draws the attention away from the uneven corners of the plaster walls and helps the room feel larger.

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