15 Ideas for Removable, DIY Kitchen Backsplashes

15 Ideas for Removable, DIY Kitchen Backsplashes

Carrie McBride
May 19, 2014
(Image credit: Nicole Block)

Having lived in rentals all my adult life, I feel comfortable generalizing that the kitchen is the most generic, bland, devoid of personality room of a rental apartment. And with restrictions on altering the space, they can be the most challenging to decorate and make your own. However, the backsplash is one rental battleground where you can declare victory. Here are fifteen examples that even Charlie Sheen would agree are "winning".

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(Image credit: Nicole Block)

1. Nicole Block shared with us her step-by-step process of applying vinyl decals (of her own design) to her kitchen wall.

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(Image credit: Spoonflower Blog)

2. Here, faux tiles were made from patterned, removable decals for a modern, customizable look.

3. This backsplash has the look of wallpaper, but is actually fabric adhered with liquid starch.

4. Here's another version of a fabric backsplash, this one covered in clear vinyl.