15 Ideas for Removable, DIY Kitchen Backsplashes

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Having lived in rentals all my adult life, I feel comfortable generalizing that the kitchen is the most generic, bland, devoid of personality room of a rental apartment. And with restrictions on altering the space, they can be the most challenging to decorate and make your own. However, the backsplash is one rental battleground where you can declare victory. Here are fifteen examples that even Charlie Sheen would agree are "winning".

1. Nicole Block shared with us her step-by-step process of applying vinyl decals (of her own design) to her kitchen wall.

2. Here, faux tiles were made from patterned, removable decals for a modern, customizable look.

3. This backsplash has the look of wallpaper, but is actually fabric adhered with liquid starch.

4. Here's another version of a fabric backsplash, this one covered in clear vinyl.

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5. Anna of Door Sixteen wanted to hide a backsplash made of floor tiles and her solution involved plywood, Velcro, and paint with super stylish results.

6. Danielle of 2 Little Superheroes shows that you don't have to change the surface of your backsplash to achieve a very different look. She hung pretty plates all along hers.

7. Similar to the idea above, Cambria, an editor at our sister site The Kitchn, hung small pieces of artwork (food photos) to the blah backsplash of her last apartment.

8. Similar to using vinyl tiles, Heather of Feather's Flights used a roll of laminated adhesive vinyl from Chic Shelf Paper. You could also try it with Con-Tact Paper.

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9. This graphic backsplash is actually just paper taped to the wall and was used as a temporary solution before a renovation.

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10. Whitney Daulton added removable wallpaper tiles to her backsplash as part of her rental kitchen spruce up.

11. Think you can't add a nice tile backsplash in a rental kitchen? Jessica of Four Generations One Roof devised a removable tile backsplash. If you can put a few screws into your wall, maybe it's an option for you.

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12. Here's a memorable twist on using vinyl in the kitchen - instead of a pattern, use a photograph.

13. Not all renters are barred from painting. If you can, take a look at this lovely painted backsplash. It's a time consuming project, but only cost $30.

14. Another idea for renters who can paint is using chalkboard paint. Leave yourself reminders for the grocery store, share the household menu plan, etc.

15. Staci calls the attempt to decorate her backsplash with washi tape a "DIY Fail". I think it has potential. Maybe you can take the idea and run with it.

Katie Deedy shows us one way to personalize a rental wall:

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