15 Looks for the Home from H&M

15 Looks for the Home from H&M

Sarah Coffey
Feb 25, 2009


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We heard about the launch of H&M's new line for the home back in December, and this month it's finally arrived...but only in a few European countries. (No word yet on when it will come to the U.S.) The collections are divided into four styles meant to appeal to a range of tastes and ages: "graphic" (bright mod patterns), "colorful" (wild prints and patterns), "natural" (whites and taupes), and "classic" (clean-cut style with a nautical edge). See if you can figure out which of these 15 photos belongs to which collection, and click below for the answer key...

1) Classic: blue and white living room
2) Natural: beige bathroom
3) Colorful: patterned trailer
4) Natural: white and taupe pillows
5) Graphic: leafy green/back tabletop
6) Graphic: striped tablecloth
7) Graphic: black and white kitchen
8) Natural: beige bedroom
9) Classic: blue and white bedroom
10) Graphic: green patterned pillows
11) Colorful: mix n' match kitchen
12) Natural: cotton and linen dish towels
13) Classic: beachy bedding
14) Graphic: striped bath towels
15) Classic: red, white, and blue kitchen textiles

To see the entire catalog, click here.

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