Stylish Sleepers: 15 Simple Chic Bassinets, Cradles, and Baskets

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I thought a bassinet was an unnecessary item that would just waste my space and money. While this may be true for many parents, after having my baby, I quickly changed my tune. I found that I wanted her close to my bed, and we didn't have enough space for the crib in our bedroom. Even after we transitioned our daughter to her crib we used the bassinet downstairs for a comfortable place for her to relax and nap during the day.

A lot of parents opt for a simple pack n play with a bassinet top, and I even have a friend who used a laundry basket, but if you're looking for a more stylish option there are a lot of great products on the market. Here are fifteen bassinets, cradles, and baskets in a range of prices:

1. Cradle by Baby Bjorn ($294.95)
2. Organic Baby Hammock by Natures Sway ($265.95)
3. Baby Hammock by Kanoe ($290)
4. Folding Bassinet by Cariboo ($285)
5. Cradle by Re-Babe ($396.34)

6. Moses Basket Baby Hammock by Airdeje Design
7. Bassinet by King Parrot (£50)
8. Hanging Cradle: Fair Trade (€265)
9. Be Mini Cradle by BE (€ 461.45)
10. Cradle by Leander ($339.95)

11. Moses Basket by Sausalito ($195)
12. Designer Hanging Basket by Dreambur ($329)
13. Organic Hammock by Hushmok ($195)
14. Moses Basket: Giggle ($90)
15. Nesta's Nest (Contact for Pricing)

Find even more modern, stylish bassinet options: Bassinets on for Any Budget.

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