#15 - Uma & Sankari's Awareness, Wisdom and Clarity

Name: Uma & Sankari
Location: Alexandria, VA
Type: 1 Bedroom Rented Apartment

Why I use color:

We think color as a powerful form of communication. Color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. We use color to bring character, warmth & comfort into our home. We like to paint our walls based on the season...

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Living Room

We are originally from India, a country known for its warmer colors and sunny hot weather. So warm colors like yellow and orange helps us to forget the cold and boring winter season. As per the classical Indian philosophy, the seven colors of the rainbow are associated with the seven chakras (or energy centers) of the body.

The color we used (Yellow) is associated with awareness, wisdom and clarity. It energizes, relieves depression, and improves memory, increases awareness, perception and understanding.

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Living Room

2 Good color tips:

1. If you are renting and not allowed to paint the walls, no problem - after all white is a color too. You can always bring more colors by using window coverings, colorful paintings and accents like area rugs and placemats. Best part is you can cycle these accents as per the season without much effort.

2. A trick that many interior designers use is to insert one red article in a room, no matter how small to serve as a focal point.

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Dining Room

Favorite type and brand of paint:

Behr Premium Plus. We prefer Flat/Matte to hide the apartment wall surface imperfections.

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Dining Table Setting

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