15 Washi Tape Project Ideas for Kids Rooms

If you're looking for an easy, inexpensive way to add a little color and whimsy to your little one's room, look no further. Washi tape is exploding in popularity, and with it a whole host of DIY ideas for kids' decor. From wall murals and decorations to hopscotches and race tracks, the ideas are limitless. Here are a few of my favorites:

Row One:
1. Washi Tape Tree: BoligLiv
2. Washi Tape Wall Art: Ninainvorm via Apartment Therapy
3. Washi Tape Bookshelf Art: Poppinette
4. Washi Tape Frames: The Home of Bambou
5. Washi Tape Word Art: Traveling Mama via Decor8

Row Two:
6. Washi Tape Handprint Art: Live Beauty Full
7. Washi Tape Bunting: Poppytalk
8. Washi Tape Table: Life Sweet Life
9. Washi Tape Shelves: Bibelotte
10. Washi Tape Chalkboard House: Furious Shirley

Row Three:
11. Washi Tape Houses: Show Home via DecoIdeas
12. Washi Tape Arrows: Thompson Family
13. Washi Tape Door: Tretoen
14. Washi Tape Letters: The Tinted Mint via Real Simple
15. Washi Tape "Wallpaper": Little Green Notebook

And I've rounded up so many great ideas, I had to make a second post! Stay tuned for part two.

(Images: As Linked)

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