#16 - Emily G Goes Nuts

Hello! Monday, Oct. 15 is the final deadline for submissions.

Name: Emily G
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Type: 3 bedroom rental

Why I use color:

I lived in this apartment (my first real apartment ever!) for a year with grungy white walls, and it was depressing. My housemates weren't interested in painting because it's a rental. When I renewed my lease with new housemates, I decided that I'd rather repaint the whole place white myself at the end of the lease than let the be all dingy and sad for another year.

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So I went nuts on a freelance writer's salary. I did the whole place up from first-ever rental to these pictures myself for... probably under 200 bucks?

Hooray for Photoshop and spraypaint! Thankfully, my landlady digs it, especially the fish.

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2 Good color tips:

Two good color tips? Don't use cool colors unless you're basically sure you can keep the place tidy (I generally can't) and rip off color palettes like it's your job.

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Favorite type and brand of paint:

I don't have enough money or experience to have a favorite brand of paint. I just bike down to the ACE Hardware store every once in a while and come back with a gallon of their cheapest.

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