#16 - Grant's Anti-Beige Statement

#16 - Grant's Anti-Beige Statement

Grace Shu
Oct 23, 2007
Name: Grant Location: Los Feliz, CA Type: One bedroom apartment, rental Why I use color: I use color to enliven my space and make it my own and enliven the space. When I moved in the entire apartment was painted drab landlord beige, ugh! Nothing would have looked good with this color. I painted every flat surface (including the ceiling) decorator white first.

In the living room I painted the entrance hallway and far wall a deep blue/slate color. I’ve created both a dramatic entrance, a foil for my bright prints and glass, and divided the room to create a sense of spaciousness while still using a dark color. The look I was going for in the living room is dramatic and glamorous. I also wanted to play down the vintage aspect of my collections.

2 Good color tips: 1. Everything doesn’t have to match. In the living room I have red, green, dark blue, and orange. The key is to make sure that the colors are similar in intensity. 2. Start with large areas/pieces and work your way down. The key in my living room is the red B&B sofa. The key in the bedroom is the white walls.

I love orange, it is my favorite color. In my bedroom I wanted to use lots of orange and still have a comfortable, restful room. Instead of going crazy with paint, I chose a very neutral palette and accented it with a few carefully chosen pops of color.

Favorite Paint Because my walls are uneven, I used eggshell. Flat is just too flat and anything else will point out all the defects. I like the highest quality Benjamin Moore paint and always use my favorite color decorator white.
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