#16 - Ivar's Simple & Pared Down

Name: Ivar
Location: Guastavino Row, Upper West Side, NYC
Size: 320 square foot studio

Favorite resource:

flea markets, lumber suppliers, and eBay

What inspired you?

Having lived in cluttered spaces for most of my life, I wanted a change when it came to my first apartment.

I set out to create a contemplative space that embraced art and design but was still simple and pared down. All the tools and implements of living are hidden behind doors and cabinets. [more below]

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...Books are stored on shelves in one closet, clothes and office materials are in another closet, and all kitchen stuff is stored in the Home Depot cabinets. I tried to set a mood with lighting, and an ambiance with the art which was either made by family members or found at flea markets. The furniture and woodturning is all self made, as the apartment also serves as laboratory to test the physical integrity of the pieces as well as a neutral palette for meditating on their design.

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Design Tip:

Be selective and edit

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