#16 - Mat's Mounted Media

#16 - Mat's Mounted Media

May 3, 2007

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Name: Mat
Location: Seattle, WA
A/V or Home Office: A/V

Favorite Source: Omnimount…for mounts.

What inspired you?

I suppose my inspiration was an awkwardly shaped living room, and a strong desire to avoid the visual clutter (and dust!) that media and electronics can cause. This led to the biggest LCD TV I could fit on the wall, a 2.1/5.1 surround system, and concealing any other electronics.

...All games and DVDs are stored in an antique Chinese chest, while my Xbox 360 and PS2 are in a stainless steel shelving system I picked up from The Container Store. Wire management consists of a large wire loom painted to match the wall.

Great Tip: Good mounts are the difference between safe equipment and
damaged goods.

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