#17 - Courtenay & Jeff's Vibrant, Pop Colours

#17 - Courtenay & Jeff's Vibrant, Pop Colours

Oct 23, 2007

Name: Courtenay & Jeff
Location: Vancouver, BC
Type: Rented 2-bedroom in a turn-of-the-century brick building

Why I use color:

Like a baby, I'm most stimulated by contrast -- in my work as a graphic designer as well as in our home. Over the years, my boyfriend and I have amassed a treasured collection of sixties space-age and Danish modern furniture and objects in primarily black, white and teak, which we've set against fields of vibrant, pop colours that bring out the warmth of the wood and the brick in our heritage apartment.

Being in a rented suite and on a perpetually tight budget, adding colour allowed us to create a warm, distinct feel for each room while retaining a sense of unity throughout the apartment through the limited palette of our furnishings.

2 Good color tips:

1. If in doubt, consider the materials of your furniture and choose contrasting colours that will bring out their beauty. I love wood against vibrant, cool shades that bring out its golden tones.
2. I also recommend bright, analogous colours that almost vibrate together, such as a red-orange with magenta. However, I find the darker and richer the tones, the less it seems to work -- as with navy and black, my least favourite pairing!

Favorite type and brand of paint:

Benjamin Moore has served us well.

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