17# - BK's Dream Come True

Name: BK
Location: Soho, NYC
Size & Type: 335 sf Studio

Favorite resource: my contractor/carpenter/friend Nestor Kalogrias

Pitch: Comfortable, bright, efficient, stylish and personal - my home is my dream come true. My place was virtually uninhabitable (dark, ancient, subfloor only) when I purchased it and I had a limited budget and timeframe to renovate and make it home, but my clear vision (bright open space in which to lounge and entertain with a high impact kitchen and storage space) coupled with my extremely talented contractor allowed my renovated home to exceed my big hopes and dreams for my small place.

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Pitch Cont'd: I love that I can relax and lounge in my place as well as cook elaborate meals and entertain comfortably. The staircase storage and tall built-in bookcases allow for clutter-free space for my dog to run around.

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Your favorite element: kitchen/bar

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