#17 - Erin's Colorful Haven

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Name: Erin
Location: Atlanta, GA
Type: Three-bedroom, owned

Why I use color:

Color is, in my opinion, the most evocative of the design elements. Skillful use of color can change the entire feeling of a space, even its size. I gravitate towards colors that harmonize even as they contrast, so that each color becomes richer as a part of the entire scheme...

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fireplace & couch

The spectrum is infinite: the exact perfect color combination for your space and intention exists, and it's thrilling to discover it.

Especially when applied on a large scale, such as wrapped around an entire room, colors not only affect the viewer visually, but emotionally. Colors resonate in the soul in a way no other component of a room can. Colors evoke memories, both personal and primal, and awaken senses.

My house is a place for me to experiment with color combinations and exercise my creative impulses, but more importantly, it's our home. Everything I do here is geared towards making our space a restful, comforting, livable haven. Color is my most important tool.

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library with paper quilt

2 Good color tips:

1. Listen to your instincts. When in doubt, it's not exactly right. Keep experimenting until it is.

2. Visualize how a color combination will transform your space. Take home swatches and come back. Don't be afraid to try something unorthodox.

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barcelona chairs & photo wall

Favorite type and brand of paint:

I always choose the most expensive paint - better coverage means it's cheaper in the long run. I prefer eggshell finish for walls - yes, even in the kitchen and bathroom! Semi-gloss for trim.

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kitchen window

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