#18- Hepburn's Home as Haven

Name: Hepburn
Location: Glendale, WI
Type: Modern, urban, edgy 2 bedroom ranch which I own with my partner

Why I use color:"Because I have to! We could never settle for shades of beige to define our space.Our home is our haven, our solace, so we take furnishing and color to heart. The colors we chose are warm and cozy, yet modern, and mingle well with all the interesting little accessories that we like to litter free space with."

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"I'm an artist who paints for fun and small profit after my publishing day-job, and my partner is a fifth degree black-belt and a grad student. We work really well together and have the same taste when it comes to decorating and color palettes, so filling out home with things we love and vivid backdrops to display it make our small ranch house the home it is today."

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2 Good color tips:

"Go with your gut....if it feels too bright, it probably is...and take a risk (if you mess up, you can always try again)."

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Favorite type and brand of paint:"Behr paint from Home Depot...even out paints more expensive brands I have tried."

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