#18: Erin's Color-Splashed Modern

Name: Erin
Location: Sacramento, CA
Size & Type: 613 sq. ft. 1-Bedroom

Favorite resource: Dwell magazine -- a major source of inspiration.

Pitch: I recently read an article that stated that it's the quality of space not the quantity of space that matters -- I couldn't agree more. As a renter with artistically timid landlords, my apartment improvements have been limited to design choices that don't alter the structure. Heck, even painting the walls has been vetoed by said landlords. Still, incorporating timeless pieces with affordable items has allowed me to create a stylish home that doesn't break the bank.

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Pitch Cont'd: Modern furniture, minimal clutter and splashes of vibrant color make my home comfortable and airy. Oh, and natural light helps keep the place bright.

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Your favorite element: Despite the fact that I'm not much of a cook, the kitchen is the highlight of my place. The windows face west and as the sun sets, the room is bathed in a warm glow -- it's perfection.

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