#19: Manuela's Clean Romantic

Name: Manuela
Location: Seattle, WA
Size & Type: 425 sq. ft. studio rental

Favorite resource: Apart from Apartment Therapy... traveling!

Pitch: My small is cool because there are interesting architectural details in my home that make solutions more challenging and rewarding. The large closet in my studio has become my bedroom, with the shelf above my bed becoming a gallery for my black and white photographs. Small discourages thoughtless consumption.

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Pitch Cont'd: My small shows much restraint and editing; I ask myself, "Are these the things that make me happy? Do my surroundings allow and encourage me to reach my goals?" Thus, an easel takes up important real estate. My small is clean, soft, romantic, and of course: cool.

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Your favorite element: It's a tie between the two doors to my bedroom, and the random hidden niche in my kitchen where I keep sentimental tchotchkes.

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