#19 - Maren and Eddie's Green Oasis

#19 - Maren and Eddie's Green Oasis

May 3, 2007

Name: Alexis, Steven, Maren and Eddie
Child's Name and Age: Maren (2 years old) and Eddie (10 months)
Location: Chicago, IL
Size: 121 sf nursery and 980 sf apartment

Favorite Source:
IKEA and Craigslist.

What inspired you?

Inspired by the color green. We moved to Chicago from San Francisco and wanted to make a warm room for playtime in the long cold winter.

We choose low dressers from IKEA so the boys can open the draws to get their clothes. The futon is covered with a duvet I had in the closet which works with the green. It's fun to sit under the leaf and read. The room is cheerful and perfect for playtime.

Great Tip:

For a children's room I like to store clothes in dressers and use the closet to hold toys. The basket draws on the changing table hold diapers for two children and toys, making them quite useful. Everything has it's place and they are easy to access, even for a 2 year old.

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