#19- Sparkle's Bold and Expressive bedroom

#19- Sparkle's Bold and Expressive bedroom

Oct 26, 2007

Name: Sparkle
Location: North Hollywood, CA
Type: Two bedroom, rental apartment

Why I use color:

When you're sharing an apartment with a roommate (who isn't a significant other), compromise and settling on "safe" colors and design tend to come with the territory. While it's good to expand your creative tastes and try new and different ideas, it's also important to have at least one place that is 100% your own; a place that just fits you. That's what I've created with my bedroom.

I chose colors that I respond well to, both physically and emotionally, and turned a room that's mainly viewed as a place of rest and peace into a place where I have complete and absolute freedom. The freedom to be bold and expressive, or creative and focused, or completely relaxed and calm without having to worry about how it might affect my roommate.

2 Good color tips:

1. Everyone always says "don't be afraid of color!" I prefer to say "stop pretending!"
There's usually a good reason for thinking that you're afraid of color, but it's usually not a bad fear. It's best to assess your apprehensions in order to determine exactly a.) WHY you are afraid of color and b.) WHAT the best way is to incorporate color into your life, while removing the fear of it, instead of just ignoring it.

2. You won't know until you try. In fashion, they say you'll never TRULY know if you like something until you "try it on." The same goes with color. If you think you like a certain shade of pink, but are wary about designing a whole room around the color or even just painting one wall that color, find a decent size decorative object (preferably one that you like/can use) in the same shade of pink and place it in that room or on/against that wall for a couple of weeks and see how much you like it, how well it gets along with the surrounding objects/area, and most importantly how it makes you feel.

Favorite type and brand of paint:

I'm used to painting rooms with plain old flat matte paint, but we just painted our entrance hallway with a satin finish paint and I'm in love with it! It's a great alternative to flat matte when you really want a wall to hold its own in a room. As for brand, I'm not too particular. I'm more concerned with finding the exact color that I want.

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