#2 - Gregg & Joe's Warm & Modern

Name: Gregg & Joe
Location: Sperryville, VA
Type: modern pre fab cabin that we own. Well, the bank owns it but we pretend.

Why I use color:

Joe: It makes me feel warm. We took a natural view that's really lush and green and surrounded it with the brightest orange we could find. It's something you don't think would work but it feels good.

Gregg: I'm not a big fan of orange but with an ultramodern, cool/sleek, minimalist house like the LV Home (which is basically all windows), I liked the idea of adding something really unexpected...

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And I thought it would be cool to take three colors that totally clash and dont go together and put them all together. I kind of expectd it to be so ugly that you have to love it. Like a pug. But it unexpectedly complements the natural setting all around us.

2 Good color tips:

1. Try clashing colors. Sometimes it can look really cool, as long as one takes up most of the space.

2. You should always use at least one warm color somewhere. Joe always insists, and it always does look good, even though most everything else is light and neutral.

2 good color resources:

1. I always go to the catalogs for high end Euro kitchen cabinetry. I still refer to a Poliform catalog from the 90s. They really know how to design with color.

2. The woods. You can find lots of good and unexpected color combinations in nature.

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