#2 - Aja's Anti-Depressive Kitchen

Name: Aja T.
Location: Newport News, VA
Type: 3 Bedroom Ranch/Own

Why I use color:

We lived with a very dark and depressing kitchen for two years, so when we remodeled we knew we wanted something completely opposite. Since the kitchen faces north we used white cabinets and countertops to reflect as much light as possible. As for the walls, we wanted a color that would imitate sunlight all day....

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When I found Pratt & Lambert's, Ever Sunshine, I thought it was fitting. Next, was deciding which of my favorite colors to use for accents,(red,orange,aqua,yellow,lime and turquoise), they were all nice on their own, but when combined I couldn't help but to giggle with delight! Needless to say, I decided, not to decide and used them all.

When the remodel was complete we knew we accomplished exactly what wanted...a kitchen that would wrap its arms around you, and make you smile when you walked in, day or night.

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2 Good color tips:

1. Set you mood before you pick your color palette. Make a list of emotions you want to feel when you're in that space, and use your list when shopping to help limit your color options.

2. Don't be afraid to try something new, paint isn't permanent.

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Favorite type and brand of paint:


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