2 Landing Strip Accessories by Zoë Mowat

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Montreal industrial designer Zoë Mowat creates friendly, versatile pieces for the home.

"Zoë has a passion for building things and she strives to create "special" objects that form a connection with the user and leave them challenged, comforted and inspired..."

Two of her designs stood out to us as useful and stylish accessories for the entry. One was designed specifically for the entryway. The other was made as a desk organizer but would serve well as a landing strip organizer, too:

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The Hello/Goodbye Stand includes a hanging mirror for quick checks on the way out the door. A small shelf catches keys and other small items as you come in.

The Desk Buddy is a small compartmentalized organizer made to hold pencils, erasers, paperclips. We could see it set on an entry hall table, too, as a catch-all as you come and go.

See the rest of Zoë's work here.

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