2 Perfect Rooms: Brother & Sister Style

2 Perfect Rooms: Brother & Sister Style

Janie Lee
Mar 14, 2012

I'm always drawn to children's spaces that are stylish yet still show the child's personality. This boy's room fits the bill exactly. If you like what you see, jump below to check out a girl's room from the same home.

Both rooms are graced with high ceilings, nice molding, and dark wood floors. Neither is large, but both are super stylish. The huge American flag and red light fixture in the boy's room are standouts, but what I really love are all the toys and books neatly displayed as a collection. It really gives you a glimpse of the child that lives here. The girl's room has an equally stylish light fixture and Marimekko fabric hung as art. The ornate white mirror hung next to the bed is a great touch. If you like what you see here, drop by Desire to Inspire for more photos of this great home.

(Images: Realestate.com.au via Desire to Inspire)

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