2 Ways to Upcycle Your Pack 'N Play

My Pack 'N Play has been sitting in my attic for about five years now, waiting for my sister to have her first child so I can pass it on. There have been many times when we've almost gotten rid of it, but now I'm wondering if we should've repurposed it. Have you ever upcycled your Pack 'N Play?

I found two cute ideas around the interwebs that we've featured here. Make a reading or quiet time nook for your toddler by taking out one side of mesh and adding a top, or throw a whole bunch of balls into the mix for your own at-home ball pit.

I'm sure there must be other fantastic ideas out there, too. Have you seen any clever repurposing for a Pack 'N Play? Let us know in the comments!

(Images: as linked above)

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