20 iPhone 5s Cases In Nearly Every Material Finish

Not content to settle for just your typical run-of-the-mill case for your brand new iPhone 5s? We've collected 20 of the latest cases, ranging from the soft to the heavy and hard, all designed to protect and accessorize the latest iPhone in unique material finishes...

  1. Concrete: Posh-Projects Luna Skin $24.00
  2. Wool: Hard Graft Heritage $121.00
  3. Faux Tile: HelloNutcase Old French Tile $19.00
  4. Bamboo: Grove Plain Bezel Bamboo $79.00
  5. Cotton: Alternative Sculpture Fabric Case $30.00
  6. Gold: Marc by Marc Jacobs Metallic Ring $58.00
  7. Tweed: Griffin Harris Tweed Wallet $60.00
  8. Tortoiseshell: Case-Mate Tortoiseshell Luxe $35.00
  9. Cardboard: Kwan Budi Kraft Envelope $40.00
  10. Basketweave: Chilewich Mini Basketweave $40.00
  11. Sheet Metal: Oakley Hazard $35.00
  12. Tufted: Adopted Cushion Wrap Case $50.00
  13. Canvas: DODOcase Hardcover $35.00
  14. Marble: Case Scenario Element Black Marble $41.00
  15. Leather: Apolis Transit Issue Wallet $58.00
  16. Maple Wood: Grove Plain Bezel Maple $79.00
  17. Chrome: Incase Chrome Slider Case $30.00
  18. Fiberglass: ElementCase Sector 5 Black Ops Elite $220.00
  19. Paper: iLoveHandles Paperback $8.00
  20. Floral Wallpaper: Luxe-Case Flourish in Floral $16.00

(Image credits: Posh-Projects; Hard Graft; HelloNutcase; Grove; Alternative Sculpture; Marc by Marc Jacobs; Griffin; Case Mate; Kwan Budi; Chilewich; Oakley; Adopted; DODOcase; Case Scenario; Apolis; Grove; Incase; ElementCase; iLoveHandles; Luxe-Case)