#20 - London Urchin's Jewelry Box

Name: London Urchin
Location: London, England
Size & Type: 300 square feet Loft Studio

Favorite resource: Ebay

Pitch: "Miniature is one of the refuges of greatness." Gaston Bachelard

My studio has been transformed into a flexible living space which allows me to work, sleep, eat, and relax within the confines of 300 square feet...

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Pitch Cont'd: The concept of a jewelry box has been expanded so that the space can be transformed through pushing, pulling, sliding, opening and closing of individual elements of the cabinetry. The rubber floor creates a seamless look that leads one’s gaze through the windows into the garden square below.

I have a hidden stairway and secret compartment.

I think it rocks.

I am now broke.

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Your favorite element: Windows

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