20 Relaxing Wallpapers to Calm Your Desktop (and You Too)

Digital art gallery, Deviant Art, can be an excellent online destination for sourcing the best in free desktop wallpapers. I regularly browse through their community groups for imagery for refreshing my screen wallpaper selection. Search groups like #Wallpaperism, #Wallpapers-4-All, #CreativeDesktops, and #minimalist-wallpaper and you can find a wide assortment of wallpaper images optimized for nearly any screen size, including desktop monitors, laptop screen, iPads, and iPhones...

My personal preference leans towards pretty minimalist imagery; whether a real world desk or in the virtual workspace on my computer desktop, I find the less clutter, the better I'm able to focus and find items quickly. I've collected 20 of my favorites images, all connected thematically with the ideals of calm, minimalism (mostly), and color as their key characteristics: