20 Tips To Staging Your Kitchen

When preparing your house for sale you go through a whirlwind of activities. To help with the chaos here's 20 tips to keep in mind when staging a house and specifically a kitchen. Some are obvious and some might be the difference between potential buyers making a bid or moving on the house down the street. Click through to read the whole list...

Here are the first 10 ideas on how to get your kitchen looking move-on-ready according to Charles & Hudson:

* When showing your home, turn on all the lights in the kitchen

* Clean the windows inside and out as well as window treatments if necessary

* Declutter your counters. I'll say it again. Declutter your counters!

* Clean and organize the interiors of your cabinets - people will look inside

* Pay particular attention to organizing a food/pantry cabinet - this can look surprisingly good if shapes and sizes are arranged well

* Clean your floors

* Do touch ups wherever you can - walls, floors, cabinets, etc.

* Declutter your collections. Again...declutter your collections!

* After decluttering counters and collections, take a fresh look and add in a very few items if desired. Those items should be proportionate to the space. Do not put a small item on top of cabinets, use a larger item for better balance and proportion

* Make sure your picture(s) of the kitchen includes a wide angle shot and the kitchen is neat and decluttered

Click here to see the rest of the list.

Photo by lilcourt via Flickr.

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