200 words from LA: Ch. 1 of the Seersucker Preppy Dada Manifesto

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As someone who grew up thinking of “The Official Preppy Handbook" as a bible rather than a gag gift, there is something calming about these seersucker and madras pillows from Silk Trading Company.

I swoon at the thought of a bright, white sun porch or patio covered in the fabrics of my desperately acclimated Jewish youth.

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I love using suiting materials on furniture and the like. I love seeing things that shouldn’t be. It’s so Dada: the idea of a club chair done in pinstripes or a headboard in camelhair wool.

The result is usually funny and stylish. And if you do it with seersucker pillows, you can easily switch it out when the joke gets tired.

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Now, I’ll admit, there is a bitter sweet feeling left when it comes to the masses’ appropriation of classic style. Sure it’s great when people finally see how masculine a man can look in a pink oxford cloth shirt, or why hardbound books can be the only object d’art a room needs. But when the trend dies, so too, does the validity of some of our most beloved staples.

That is, until they're "in" again. AH

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