2005 Gift Guide: Wine Drinkers Delight

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Gift: Wine Drinkers Delight
Price: $120 + $75 + $119 + $13

This is a bit of a smorgasbord of great things that center around the pure pleasure of drinking. Each one is a FIND.

1. A case of wine from Jeff Hock at Winesby.com on Jones Street. He has a great small selection of wines that are meant to be drunk, not saved and he delivers within two hours of your call.

2. 8 Riedel O Wine Glasses (stemless). These glasses may not fit in the kitchen cabinet as easily as stemmed ones, but we find them entrancing and unique. Reidel, of course, is a top notch glassmaker. These are high quality drinking vessels.

3. The Reidel O Wine Decanter. It just looks super cool and isn't as big and bulky as the more snooty styles.

4. A Vacu Vin Wine Saver. This is one of our Best Products from 2005 and an absolute necessity when you don't finish the bottle, but want it to taste the same tomorrow.

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