2005 Un-Gift Guide: Declutter Unproductive Relationships

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Gift: Decluttering Unproductive Relationships
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This is an idea that comes from Karen Kingston. While not really a gift in the common sense, it is definitely a gift to yourself and a service to your friends in the long run. This is also something that is perfect for working on during the holidays, when personal contacts are at a maximum.

Clear out your flaky friends! ...give some attention to clearing out unproductive relationships in your life. Do you have friends whom it always feels like an effort to talk to or who drain you when you are with them? Do you groan when you know so-and-so is calling to talk to you on the phone?

I'm not talking about here about good friends who are temporarily going a rough patch or having a bad week! I am talking about negative people... who you would like to be rid of but haven't had the guts to or haven’t' gotten around to doing anything about it. There are billions upon billions of people in the work, and you are free to select who you choose to associate with. Choose kindred spirits who uplift and inspire you.

From Space Clearing (US edition) - p. 60

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