2009 Barbie Dream Townhouse

2009 Barbie Dream Townhouse

Alejandra Valera
Jul 30, 2009

2009 doesn't have to be a bad year for real estate. How about investing in a smaller scale version of a dream house? Barbie's dream house has certainly come a long way and now a modern incarnation has been unveiled.

The 2009 version certainly gives a nod to the 1974 classic but with are snazzier additions. A hot tub sits on the roof top deck festooned with tiki lights, the kitchen is larger and fully stocked with more open space and a lovely red chandelier. What dream house wouldn't be complete with a flat screen TV? And who could forget the elevator?

We love that the Barbie Dream Townhouse is a treat for mother and daughter, as daughter discovers the joy of the Dream House while mom O.D.s on nostalgia.

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