20x200 Art Prints: Kid Friendly For $20

20x200 Art Prints: Kid Friendly For $20

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 2, 2009

You know how much we love inexpensive art for our children's rooms. We still remember all the different art that adorned our own walls through the years (including our NKOTB posters) and are big believers that it doesn't have to be expensive. 20x200 aims at giving us just that and after the jump you'll find great prints, right at the $20 mark.

Pictured Above Left To Right and Top To Bottom
Can You Imagine by Trey Speegle
Birch Forest No. 7 by Lisa Congdon
Get Excited And Make Things by Matt Jones
The Babe in the Negro Leagues by Mark Ulriksen
Ziggurat 5 by Superdeluxe

Untitled, Tidal Bore (Surfer) by Chris Ballantyne
Organic Oval by Jeff Lewis
Newfoundland 1 by Carrie Marill

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