# 21: EW's LA Bungalow

# 21: EW's LA Bungalow

Mar 20, 2006

Name: EW Location: Los Angeles, CA. Size: 650 Sq/ft Spanish Bungalow Favorite resource: I like to combine classic mid-century pieces (vintage Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chairs, Eames Lounge) with family antique heirlooms (china cabinet) with pieces that I design and build myself (the mirrors, the side table, and the arc lamp). What inspired you? As a hotel living enthusiast, I like spaces (W Union Square, Maison 140, Gansevoort NYC) that are are not only modern, but also achieve a welcoming warmth. Memphis Milano, Sotsass, Flos, Saladino, Mies, Terrence Conran, Paris Apartments, my mother’s home in Santa Fe and her sense of style


Design Tip: Modern does not have to be uncomfortable. Always mix design styles – never stick to only one era.


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