#21 - Lori's Cool Refuge

Name: Lori
Location: Surfside, FL
Type: Owned 3 bedroom house (1650 sq ft)

Why I use color:

Color is the best way to set the mood of a space. As a transplanted
northerners, we needed our home to be a cool refuge from the
subtropical Miami weather, and I've used color to visually refresh
when we walk in the door...

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We wanted the color scheme to complement the
clean mid-century modern lines of the house and highlight the original
features, like the terrazzo floors and large windows. The color also
serves to down play the low-ish ceilings with little contrast between
wall and ceiling. I also think a home should acknowledge its location,
so I've incorporated shades of water and sky, from the ocean a few
blocks away.

There are various pale shades on the walls, grey-green,
pale blue and faded yellow, which I like to offset with accessories in
more saturated tones, like golden yellow, cobalt and lime green.
Tranquility is key as a family with two young boys, so the master
bedroom is a serene lavender, with shades of grey and white offset by
a turquoise lamp and artwork. We wanted to keep my son's room in line
with the rest of the house, but more playful with little pops of

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2 Good color tips:

1) Color is relational and changes depending on what it is near, like the floor color or view out the window, and light has everything to do with what a color looks like and how it changes throughout the day.

2) The color never looks like the paint chip, so you either have to be flexible and satisfied with a surprise, or plan to repaint at least once to get the exact color.

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Favorite type and brand of paint:

Benjamin Moore

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