#24-Britni and Karl's Warm and Inviting Energy

Name: Britni and Karl
Location: St. Louis, MO
Type: 2 bedroom home

Why I use color:"We use color because before we bought our home, we lived in numerous apartments with cold white walls. We yearned to feel life and energy around us, so we chose to paint our home with warm and inviting colors that offset our mostly dark hued furniture."

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"We spend much of our time in our joint living/dining room and by choosing the yellow-orange hues we created a space that is always inviting and full of energy. Our bedrooms are more subtle colors to create a relaxing space for rest and a calming space for work. Color is a great tool in helping anyone create an environment unique to them. "

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2 Good color tips:

"Color is an easy way to change the look of a space. And you can always change it again if you end up not liking it or get tired of it. "

"Don't be afraid to use a little brighter color if you have a lot of neutral furniture."

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Favorite type and brand of paint:"Our favorite brand of paint is the Behr eggshell paint, especially in the light to medium hues."

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