#23 - Fernanda & Adam's Hidden Storage

Name: Fernanda G. & Adam S.
Location: Buffalo,NY
Size & Type: 570sqft One Bedroom

Favorite resource: MDF and our brains!

Pitch: Storage is essential but, who wants to look at a bunch of milk crates... I know I don't. I think a fireplace is a perfect back drop for any living space especially in Buffalo. But when space and storage is low, all design elements need to have a certain amount of holding capacity as well; for all that stuff that you find yourself owning over the years...

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Pitch Cont'd: With a little creativity and a Home Depot card, we created a fireplace that stores my vacuum and adds warmth and good looks to my home. But of course the storage ideas didn't stop there... With a moving wall that becomes a pantry and a dinning room bench that opens, this space only lacks rooms, not room!

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Your favorite element: Unexpected Storage

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