#24 - Gideon and Tracey's Pocket Knife

Name: Gideon and Tracey
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Size: 530 s/f studio

Favorite resource:


What inspired you?

Pocket knives…Really… The plan is kind of a big pocket knife with a folding blade that changes the space for private living and entertaining. There are also storage spaces that fold out of the construct similar to “tools” that fold out of the handle of a pocket knife.

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...We love the warmth of midcentury furniture but wanted to combine it with something more sculptural. We did this project over the course of a couple of years using our own skills and the skills of some hired day laborers.

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Design Tip:

Black floor stain… I use MinWax Black wallnut covered with 2 coats of matte polyurethane. It makes the cheapest common oak flooring look totally sexy, plus if you have a low ceiling like we did it makes the floor appear to drop away and gives the illusion of height.

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