25 DIY Makeovers for Outdated Furniture

There's nothing quite like the feeling of rescuing an old piece of furniture. Whether that means bringing it back to its former glory, or giving it a funky new look, it's often cheaper than buying a new piece and great for the environment. Plus you get a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that's bound to become a great conversation piece in your home. Here are 25 mini makeovers that you can try to save an outdated piece of furniture:


1. Go crazy with a paint pen with great results like Melissa.
2. Paper the inside, for a surprise detail. From Liana Dimitrakopoulou
3. Add wallpaper in a fun pattern, like Ben Hsu did.
4. Add new legs with help from Sarah Dorsey.
5. Stencil it with inspiration from Samaa.


6. Add overlays to to the drawer fronts. From Maggie Overby.
7. Embellish with ribbon like Kata Szentgyorgyi shows us.
8. Use whiteboard paint for drawing fun stuff, or to label contents like Chrissann.
9. Or chalkboard paint from House of Fifty.
10. Paint the hardware, as Danielle Pearce did.


11. Dress up the lampshade instead of the actual dresser, and get a similar look as Jamie Dorobek.
Go bold with color and choose something like Rita'a tangerine orange.
Add fabric to the drawer sides, as in this dresser from A Beautiful Mess.
14. Go ombre, like this dresser from Project Nursery.
Add upholstery nails, if you can match the commitment seen on Akicsihaz.


16. Or thumbtacks for Jessica Hill's cheaper option.
Paper it in maps Fabio Mathias-style.
Strip it according to Luann Mitchell
Remove the doors as Kasey Buick did.
Change out the hardware like this easy project from Elise Ambrosio.


21. Change out the doors à la Whitney.
Go two-tone to match Erin Howey's project.
Change the fabric and thank Lesley Goren for the idea.
Paint a pattern like Shanelle Ramman shows you.
Go metallic with Rita Kililea.

I don't know about you, but I want to run out to my local thrift store and do some digging! How have you given new life to an old piece of furniture? We'd love to hear about it!

(Image credits: Henry Happened; Liana Dimitrakopoulou; Ben Hsu; Sarah M. Dorsey Designs; Samaa; Maggie Overby; Kata Szentgyorgyi; Chrissann Gasparo; Janell @ House of Fifty; Danielle Pearce; Jamie Dorobek; Rita; A Beautiful Mess; Project Nursery; Akicsihaz; Jessica Hill; Fabio Mathias; Luann Mitchell ; Kasey Buick; Elise Ambrosio; Whitney; Erin Howey; Lesley Goren; Shanelle Ramman; Rita Killilea)