#26- JRazon's Places Remembered

#26- JRazon's Places Remembered

Janel Laban
Oct 19, 2007

Name: JRazon
Location: Columbus, OH
Type: 3 bedroom traditional home

Why I use color:"To allow one room to be different from another but yet have a flow. (We used the "chardonnay" color to be the connecting factor of all the colors we've used in the entire house.) Each room color represent a place we've lived in the last 15 years. The blue room (living room) is to remind us of the blue water of the pacific (Hawaii). The clay and burnt yellow color in the great room/dining represent the years we spent in the beautiful state of Utah."

"The subdued, almost monochromatic sage green color in the master bedroom gives us the feeling of cleanliness, comfort, and peace at the end of the day."

2 Good color tips:

"don't be afraid but use some restraint "

"color doesn't have to be painted on each wall of your home. paintings, accessories, imagination is the best way to add character in each room"

Favorite type and brand of paint:"prefer matte or semi gloss...no favorite brand however we've used mostly behr brand"

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