#27 - Bryan's 3 F's

Name: Bryan H.
Location: Union Square, NYC
Size & Type: 229 sf Studio

Favorite resource: Design blogs and forums because community-generated ideas are progressive and inspiring!

Pitch: Form|Funktion|Fun

Form: I love to make eclectic spaces by incorporating sleek modern and ornate traditional elements. The 1898 building used to be a boutique hotel, and I wanted to honor its classic elegance and update the look to one that is contemporary and whimsical...

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Pitch Cont'd: Funk-tion: Multifunctional/transformational elements can make even the smallest spaces feel luxurious; the challenge here was to make this feel residential. Bonus: transforming your space is fun! The walk-in closet is the 'command space.' It houses functional electronics, clothes, wires and clutter, so the living space can be fun.

Fun: The color scheme is irreverent and contemporary. Quirky accessories modernize more antique furniture pieces (shag pillows, anyone?).The lighting elements are all sharp and explosive, and everything dims to allow the space to go from worktime to playtime with ease.

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Your favorite element: The Platform Tub

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