#27 Lou Lou and Nico's Venice Duplex

#27 Lou Lou and Nico's Venice Duplex

May 4, 2007

Name: Lou Lou and Nico
Location: Venice Beach, CA
Size & Type: 647 sq. ft. one bedroom duplex

Favorite resource:Our favorite resource is travel--many elements in our home come from things we've seen in places we love, and adapted to our small space (like our concrete countertops inspired by a winery in Napa Valley).

Pitch: Small house + small mortgage = less working and more time with each other--and it's walking distance to the beach. We replaced wood doors with glass, creating a west facing window to watch sunsets.

Pitch Cont'd:

For our dining/ bar area, we removed half a wall, added a concrete top, and used a cabinet for a pedestal. We removed the suspended ceiling in the kitchen and added a skylight, creating an accessible attic and a feeling of space. We added a tankless water heater, then used wall cabinets to create a slim-line pantry/laundry room.

Your favorite element:

For our fav element, it's a tie. For one of us, it's the corner of the kitchen counter that doubles as our "office". For the other, it's the dining/bar area. We can squeeze six people around it, and it's the heart of our home.

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