#27 - Natasha and Alfred's Unexpected Solutions

Name: Natasha and Alfred
Location: Jackson Heights, NY
Type: 2 bedroom apartment, owned

Why I use color:

Using color is our way to make the place our own. When we moved in 2 years ago, the apartment was white, dingy and had absolutely no flair notwithstanding some interesting architectural details (chair rails, sunken living room, original built-in in the entrance hall)...

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By adding color, we made our home cheerful, happy and yet elegant and sophisticated. To reflect our personalities, we wanted the apartment to be different and a little whimsical. Bold colors and unexpected solutions (the "landing strip", a single blue stripe on the wall in the living room, saturated yellow kitchen cabinets) helped us achieve this goal. In addition, bright colors are capable of compensating for the lack of natural light in certain areas.

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2 Good color tips:

- There is no way around painting swatches of color on a wall and living with them for a few days before finally landing on one.

- Sometimes using white next to the areas with bold saturated colors is necessary to avoid a feeling of color hodge podge.

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Favorite type and brand of paint:

Benjamin Moore

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