#28 - MyPhuong & Jacob's Zones of Light

Name: MyPhuong & Jacob
Location: Lower East Side
Size: 448 sf, rental, 5th floor walk-up

Favorite resource:

Ikea, sample sales, and the Apartment Therapy Scavenger, where I got the dining table and chairs, and Chinese wooden drum table in the living room.

What inspired you?

This studio was smaller than some other apartments we looked at, but the french doors enabled separate zones of activity while maximizing light. Plus there's a washer/dryer in one of the front closets. The platform bed provides tons of storage. The dining table has slide out leaves that can accommodate 8-10 people or double as a sewing/cutting table.

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From Living Room to Windows

...The row of small dressers doubles as a nightstand. A shoe cabinet/bench makes it easy to take off shoes and is a subtle suggestion to guests. The brown wall is actually contact paper (no painting allowed). The art is cheap: magazine covers, calendars, and posters.

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From Living Room to Platform Bed

Design Tip:

Group or repeat small items into a larger more intentional gesture/zone. Don't let the stuff spread too much.

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From Entry to Kitchen

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