#29 - Plain Jane's Not So Plain Studio

Name: Plain Jane
Location: Washington, DC
Type: Studio, Rented 400 square feet

Why I use color:

Interior design is like fashion for your home. I use color to express my individuality and style, which I think is very classic and simple but well accessorized...

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My favorite accessories are the oil painting I
did of my friends, the cross stitching my mom made above my desk, the
vintage map above my sofa and of course, my dog Rory, if she counts.

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2 Good color tips:

1. Use fresh flowers to introduce color and life into your space. I get mine from the farmers market in Dupont circle weekly.

2. Make sure the colors you use flow with the overall look of your home and contribute to a cohesive feeling.

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Favorite type and brand of paint:

Any and all, I'm not picky. I used Duron - Jubilee on my walls. It's
such a soothing color and has such a fun name!

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