#29- Carmen's Little Pops of Color

#29- Carmen's Little Pops of Color

Janel Laban
Oct 22, 2007

Name: Carmen
Location: Frisco, Texas
Type: Rented three bedroom apartment

Why I use color:"I believe that a colorful room does not necessarily have to be bright and completely full with color! I like to use color subtly; little pops of color here and there- an accent wall, a few accessories, a bright and colorful piece of art! Our living room is wonderful- simple, but yet elegant; subtle, but yet daring! "

"All in black and white (black and white are also colors-regardless of what some people might say!) with unexpected pops of orange- in accessories and fabulous art (by an upcoming young artist- yours truly ☺!). Although the living and dining area are separated by the fire-place, and technically two different areas, they flow nicely into each other with the use of the one color scheme. "

2 Good color tips:

"If you are afraid to use color boldly, buy your furniture in neutral colors and use only pops of color here and there. "
"If you get bored, change the pillows, add a little paint, and voila- a new room in no time (and very little money…)! Don't be afraid to use color; color makes home a happier place! "

Favorite type and brand of paint:"I am a Home Depot kind of girl, and buy whatever brand of paint they sell there, as long as I find the perfect color! "

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