The 29-Day Giving Challenge

Cami Walker started the 29-Day Giving Challenge as a personal experiment. While dealing with multiple sclerosis, she took the advice of a friend and began giving as a way to move beyond her personal struggle. She started small, giving a plant to her acupuncturist, quarters for a friend's parking meter, time to her husband...

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Throughout the process, she documented her gifts on a website and blog. The practice caught on, and Cami's website now has 763 members documenting their own 29-day gifts on a series of interconnected blogs. Gifts don't need to be store-bought or new; they can be anything from a favorite book to time spent with someone. Besides the altruistic motives behind the project, we like the implications of giving away material items and learning to see objects as passing things. For more information about the 29-Day Giving Challenge, click here.