#29 - Lex & Lynn's Modern Haven

Name: Lex & Lynn
Location: Financial District, NYC
Size & Type: 610 sf Studio with Home Office

Favorite resource: eBay, West Elm, Ikea, Crate and Barrel

Pitch: We have decorated our apartment to truly reflect who we are. A newly married couple; young professionals; travel buffs; photography enthusiasts, etc. We want minimal, tasteful and modern fixtures in our apartment but at the same time we want to make it feel warm and inviting...

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Pitch Cont'd: We have also made creative solutions to maximize the space that we live in by adding a kitchen counter that serves as our dining table and storage for kitchen and media items. Also by adding a small reading corner for extra seating space and hangout area. Please give us a chance to show you more of our apartment! =)

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Your favorite element: We love our small bedroom! It is actually a home office that we converted to a bedroom. It still serves as our office because one corner of the bedroom is my husband's study (which we aren't able to show since we're limited to 3 pics!). Our friends have commented that our room feels sexy... mainly due to the orange color and the candle fixture on the wall. We also love the small details that we have added to our room as accents and decoration. They are personal and reminds us of good memories.

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